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Product name: Gel ice pillow Brand: NINGYOU Outer material: outer PVC + polyester Material: pure water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate Printing: customizable Size - weight: 1, 23.5* 14.5cm 280G; 2, 28.5*17.5CM 360G; Packing: color box Packing quantity: 24pcs Outer box size: 40*30* 25.5cm Gross net weight of outer container: 12/13kg Processing mode: OEM&ODM Production capacity: 320 million pieces/day Minimum order quantity: 500PCS Price range: $0.55- $0.95 Delivery cycle: 15-25 days Proofing fee: Free of charge

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Material: outside: PVC+ flannel inside: beads Color: Custom color Size: 28.5 * 17.5 Weight: 400 grams Packaging: color box /PVC box or OEM packaging /OPP bag /PVC bag, etc. Function: Hot compress warm cold compress cool relieve work fatigue Features: instant cold heating colorless, tasteless, healthy and environmental protectionThe front of the gel beads ice pillow is made of PVC, which brings you a visual feast of quality. The soft flannelette fabric on the back feels delicate and comfortable, soft and gentle, keeps warm and keeps out the cold, does not stimulate the skin, has good air permeability, exquisite wrapping process, enhances the texture level, and makes wearing more beautiful. The interior is filled with polymer gel beads, which are crystal clear and soft. Apply to cold and hot compresses. Cold compresses are refreshing and can relieve swelling after injury. Hot compress can relieve daytime strain, long-term work fatigue, relieve headache, cervical pain, but also warm hands in winter. Cold compress: put it in the refrigerator freezer (minus 10 degrees Celsius) for 15-30 minutes before use. After taking it out, it can be used for local cold compress of any part of the body (such as shoulder, neck and forehead). Hot compress: place the product in the microwave oven (medium fire) for 30 seconds before use, gently rub the product for 10 seconds after taking it out, and put it into the microwave oven (medium fire) for 20 seconds. After taking it out, it can be used for local hot compress of any part of the body (such as hands, feet, shoulders, neck, abdomen and knees)Comfortable and flexible, durable and recyclable for relieving heat and decompression

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